Tips for getting the best photo of the night!

Ever get your photos you take at a Gala or wedding only to be disappointed at the way you posed in the picture? 

Photo experiences at events tend to be fast and furious due to the large volume of guests they are trying to accommodate in a small amount of time.  There may be little or no time to compose your look when it’s time to strike a pose. Here are a few tips that can make your video or photo stand out from all the others .

1. Pose the Hair- Hair sitting on the shoulders looks terrible.

 2. Pose Ears Forward- This reduces flab underneath your chin. If a photographer tells you to bring their chin forward,  you will point your chin at the camera and you’ll get a shot of your nostrils.  Instead, bring your ears forward.

3. Lift the Arm-  With arms flat at their sides, it makes you look awkward. When your arm presses against your torso, it makes you look heavier. You can fix that by having them just lift their arm an inch or two or putting their hand on the hip. 

4. Don’t Show the Whites of the Eyes- Choose something specific to look at so your eyeline is stable. Hair is behind one shoulder and in front of the other shoulder. Chin is forward to create a strong jawline. Arm is lifted from the torso. Waist doesn’t have any visual extenders. Shoulders are turned. Iris is seen over the whites